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Welcome to your Yoga Teacher Refresher course homepage! 

Breathe deeper into your belly, into your Self.
Feel your center and begin from there.

This is a time and space to focus on your teaching skills, refresh, build upon your foundational knowledge, expand your comfort zone, challenge your self-limiting beliefs, and have some fun with yoga! Below are links to each unit of our curriculum. You may work at your own pace. If possible we recommend completing one unit a week which is about 3-4 hours. This allows your skills and confidence to build with some momentum. 

Ganesh mantra

In yoga, we sometimes use forms to connect to a certain aspect of energy. For example, consider Tree pose (Vrkshasna) and how it invites us to embody the qualities of a tree. We become rooted with the ability to sway in the wind without breaking. We spend time in a forest, a community of yoga practitioners. Much like this, Deities represent a type of energy that we can connect to within ourselves.  Ganesh is an elephant headed Diety popular in yogic culture whose energy represents removing obstacles. Traditionally, Ganesh is invoked at new beginnings to clear the path ahead. This may be the start of a new day, a journey, a marriage, or any new undertaking.  We've recorded a Ganesh mantra for you to practice anytime you'd like. We suggest beginning each unit this way. It can create an opening within you to learn, grow, be focussed and gain the most from your time. 

Ganesh mantraTeacher Training
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