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Welcome to Unit 8! ​​

Goals in this unit include:​ 

  • Congratulations! This is your last unit! 

  • Schedule and attend a 45 min. zoom meeting with your mentor after you've uploaded your final class video. To schedule email us at: This session is a time to review your experience and talk about any questions or feedback you have!  

  • Anatomy: Mechanisms of Stretch

  • Asana: Dynamic Poses

  • Pranayama: Simhasana

  • Gratitude Meditation

Homework in addition to the videos:

  • Anatomy worksheet: Mechanisms of Stretch

  • Teach a NEW 60 min. class using a variety of poses, inspirational quote/theme, and video it. Upload the video for your mentor to watch. This will be an in person class with students attending in person. 


Reflect on your experience during this course. What have you learned? What will you take with you? What do you wish to learn more about? What growth have you seen in yourself? How are you feeling about teaching? Do you have any teaching plans? 

Anatomy (7 min)

Asana: Dynamic (22 min)

Pranayama: Simhasana (2 min) 

Gratitude Meditation  (10 min) 

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