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Welcome to Unit 4! ​​

Goals in this unit include:

  • Review Anatomy of Back Bend Poses ​

  • Practice and learn along with two Back Bend Asana videos

  • Practice and learn two pranayamas: Puraka and Rechaka

  • Topic: Class Sequencing

  • Topic: Transitions and Vinyasa Families

  • Meditation: Mantra and Ham Sah

  • Practice Sanskrit with audios with this link 

Homework in addition to the videos:

  • Anatomy worksheet: Backbends

  • Design and practice teach a 20-25 minute sequence with standing poses, forward bends and backbends and upload video for mentor.


What has your experience with backbends been like so far? What have you felt in your body? Your emotions? Your mind? We do not move into spinal extension much in our lives and it can be scary, exhilarating, empowering, painful, and people can really vary in their experiences. 

How does it feel in your body when you practice a backbend with engaged abdominal versus relaxed? Engaged inner thighs and/or pelvic floor muscles versus relaxed? At this point, what cues and modifications feel best for you in backbends?

Anatomy (5 min)

Asana Backbends Part 1 (23 min)

Asana: Backbends Part 2 You may like to separate these by a couple of days if your body wants a rest. (21 min) 

Meditation: Mantra and Ham Sah (15 min)

Topic: Transitions and Pose Families (15 min)

Topic: Creating A Sequence  (26 min) 

Pranayama: Puraka (2 min) 

Pranayama: Rechaka (2 min) 

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