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Specialize in Prenatal Yoga!
Be certified with this in depth 85 hour training. Understand all the stages and changes of pregnancy, and  how yoga can best enhance the incredible journey of growth, creation and sustenance of life.
Dates: TBA 

"I loved learning and exploring all of the magic and power of the female body" 2019

"Teachers were all very knowledgeable and well spoken- very good teachers!" 2022

"A couple of highlights are the in depth anatomy of pregnancy and breathwork. Also, how poses are broken down for stages of pregnancy." 2022

Empower pregnancy -  Build Community - Support Growth

Supta Baddha Konasana Prenatal
adjustment virabhadrasana 2 prenatal
malasana prenatal

Schedule: TBA 

  • In the past it has been 9 Sundays 9:00-5:30 

  • Attend 2 additional prenatal yoga classes

  • Instruct 1 prenatal class outside of class time

Topics Include (but are not limited to)

  • Asana for Each Trimester Learn what is beneficial and potentially harmful during each stage of pregnancy.

  • Adjustments & Modifications for Pregnancy Learn how to incorporate props and modification naturally into your teaching to meet a variety of needs. Practice approaches to adjustments during pregnancy.

  • Anatomical and Physiological Changes A pregnant body goes through truly amazing physical changes in the pelvis, spine, soft tissue and hormones. We utilize state of the art anatomy technology to enhance your learning of this topic.

  • Yogic Philosophy & Meditation The immense physical, emotional and spiritual changes throughout pregnancy are often life altering. We discuss the yogic view on pregnancy and practice meditation techniques to promote clarity, peace and strength through change.

  • Pranayama Breath plays a vital role in regulating our physiology, mental state, emotions, and the ability to be present and clear. Learn techniques to deepen the understanding and conscious utilization of breath for pregnancy and labor.

  • Teaching Methodology This includes sequencing, creating classes, themes, strategies for incorporating pregnant students into non prenatal specific classes, strategies for meeting the needs of each student in prenatal classes as well as a host of other topics that arise in class discussion.

  • Overview of Postpartum and Caregiver/Baby Yoga This postpartum period has unique characteristics. Learn how to best support students in their changed bodies, minds and hearts through yoga. Includes approaches to classes for baby/caregiver as well as caregiver only classes.

  • Design Your Own Prenatal Classes Implement what you learn into your own class designs. Receive individualized feedback from experienced prenatal teachers.

  • Empower People Preparing to Have a Baby This is at the heart of yoga for pregnancy and labor. Create space for each student to step into their bodies and hearts more fully and nourish the inherent strength inside each student.

  • Gain Prenatal Teaching Experience We learn best and gain confidence by teaching. We have structured teaching exercises to assist you in practicing what you love.


Complementary use of studio for practice teaching as available

Discount on classes


200 Hour Training is not required, though more experience in yoga is highly recommended if you have not yet taken a 200 hr. 


  • $1150  preregistration, then $1225.

  • Flexible payments plans! 

  • Cancellation policy: Same as 200 hour training, see 200 hr page.


Lead Instructors: 

Abrona Ferrari RYT-500 RPYT Doula

Abrona found yoga after many years of training in ballet and modern dance companies. Looking for a more spiritual connection to the body she immersed herself in yoga classes. She received her yoga teacher certification in 2010 at Shoshoni Ashram, and has since worked in holistic centers, ran retreats, and taught an array of classes from restorative to power flows. She has a very nurturing approach to her Hatha style classes and believes yoga is a great outlet to examine, open the heart, and receive what we need for a peaceful balance.


In 2015, Abrona became a mother and a certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor. She became a doula in 2018. Families are these beautiful stable roots from which to grow our individuality. Specializing in prenatal care has been valuable in connecting the yoga practice through all stages of life. Abrona sees her role as one of reflecting back what is already present within her clients and students. Sahaja, or free flowing movement with no thought, inspires most of her teachings and practices. She enjoys inspiring others to find this place within themselves and to just have fun with their bodies.


Sarada Erickson ERYT-500 RPYT MS RD

Sarada began practicing yoga in 1997 and was certified for yoga instruction through ShambhavAnanda Yoga® in March 2001. She began teaching prenatal yoga in 2004. She became a registered prenatal yoga teacher (RPYT) in 2012. She has led prenatal trainings since 2008, and was a main writer for the current prenatal manual. Sarada is an Acharya in the ShambhavAnanda Yoga® tradition. She is dedicated to the spiritual path and helping others along the way.


Sarada graduated from CSU with a MS in nutrition in the Summer of 09'. She worked with prenatal/family nutrition and breastfeeding at WIC for 8 years. Her path of motherhood began in 2011 when she was pregnant with her daughter. She is passionate about women's health and the impact this has on family/societal well-being!

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