We believe that yoga teacher training should be a life-changing experience. One of the first yoga schools in America, ShambhavAnanda Yoga® has always emphasized that becoming a great teacher means becoming a great student. You do not just learn how to teach yoga here, you learn how to deepen your practice and grow. ShambhavAnanda Yoga's® 200-hour, 300-hour, and specialty certifications are registered with the Yoga Alliance (ID# 95807).

We've led over 30 trainings and graduated over 200 yoga teachers in Northern Colorado, including the first ever Fort Collins Yoga Teacher Training in 2007. We have over 50 years combined experience with our

training leaders. We offer a comprehensive anatomy of yoga education with a college instructor of Human Anatomy & Physiology and a cadaver lab visit for our training graduates. Our meditation practices, yogic philosophy and lifestyle are authentic, time-tested and extremely useful in daily life. We encourage you to be your best Self!

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Kids Teacher Training

Yoga Studio Fort Collins Saraswati

ShambhavaAnanda Yoga® is one of the first training schools in America and is a living, authentic lineage of yoga and meditation masters.

We offer visits to inspiring, stunningly beautiful, and

authentic Ashrams at no extra charge. 

ShambhavAnanda Yoga® emphasizes meditation and yogic living. 

The training leaders, Sarada and Shivaji, have been given the title of

Acharyas by His Holiness Sri Shambhavananda Yogi.

Acharyas are teachers who accept the lifelong responsibility of

sharing and encouraging spiritual growth.

"This training was for sure one of the best things I've ever done.

I loved the emphasis on meditation and personal growth.

So grateful!" 2015 grad

"The meditation practice in which we engaged was the most powerful aspect of the training for me, setting the stage for a more profound respect, understanding and appreciation for yoga.

I loved the anatomy, and the in-depth study of asana, and am an avid seeker of history, but as far as personal growth and a deeper experience of the yogic path, meditation was IT!" P.G. 2007