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Welcome to Unit 2! ​​

Goals in this unit include:

  • Review Anatomy of Standing Poses (the feet are the foundation!)

  • Practice and learn along with the Standing Pose Asana video

  • Practice and learn the Complete Yogic Breath pranayama video

  • Topic: How to warm up the body and how to cool down. Put it into practice by creating your own warm up and cool down sequences.

  • Topic: Dynamic vs static movement. Practice how to make a pose dynamic. 

  • Topic: Mirroring

  • Meditation: Importance of the breath and balanced breath meditation

  • Practice Sanskrit with audios with this link 



How often are you aware of your breath? Do you practice pranayama or conscious breathing? Take a moment and shift your attention to your breath. How does it feel? What are the effects of being present with your breath versus the breath being unconscious?  Do you have any thoughts about incorporating more awareness of your breath into your daily life?

Anatomy (14 min)

Asana (20 min)

Meditation (19 min)

Topic: Warm Up and Cool Down (20 min)

Topic: Dynamic and Static (6 min)

Topic: Mirroring (21 min)

Pranayama: Complete Yogic Breath (5 min)

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