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Welcome to Unit 3! ​​

Goals in this unit include:

  • Review Anatomy of Forward Bend Poses ​

  • Practice and learn along with two Forwards Bend Asana videos

  • Practice and learn the Ujjayi pranayama video

  • Topic: Neutralizing poses. Right order? Put it into practice by creating your own sequences! 

  • Meditation: Breath Awareness Meditation



Take a picture of yourself in a forward bend! Are you in spinal flexion or is your back straight? Are your knees bent, straight, or hyperextended? How do your hamstrings and lower back feel? 

What movements/activities in life require us to be in a forward bend position (hip flexion)? For example, sitting down in any manner we are in hip flexion. This means all activities in a sitting type of position such as biking, paddling, driving... What else can you think of?

Can you think of any other category of position that we are in a lot? 

Anatomy (14 min)

Asana Forward Bends Part 1 (20 min)

Asana Forward bends Part 2 There are many! (18 min) 

Meditation (22 min) 

Topic: Dynamic and Static (6 min)

Neutralizing Poses  33 min

Pranayama: Ujjayi (2.5 min)

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