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Sarada Erickson private yoga instructor

Sarada Erickson, MS, EYRT-500, RPYT, C-IAYT 

Registered Dietitian, Director of Teacher Trainings, Acharya, founder Om Ananda Yoga

In 1997 Sarada found yoga for the first time, yet it somehow felt familiar to her. She had been roaming about restlessly and often rebelliously for some years. Yoga provided a glimpse into inner peace. She earned her 200 hour teaching certification in 2001 at ShambhavAnanda Yoga® Shoshoni. She then studied, taught, and grew in the beautiful and supportive ashram environment.  In 2004, she moved to Fort Collins to complete undergrad and then her Master’s Degree in Nutrition at CSU. In 2007, the opportunity to lead the first yoga certification in Ft Collins arose. Sarada deeply loved this experience, grew a tremendous amount, and saw the transformative impact it had on participants. She realized part of her path was to lead trainings, and has brought this love to the community ever since. Om Ananda Yoga in its current form was birthed with husband Shivaji in 2011, followed by the birth of their daughter in 2012. Love, patience, compassion and gratitude have taken on richer forms as Sarada continually learns from her life. In 2017, she grandfathered in as a Certified Yoga Therapist which she will grow and expand more into over the years. Sarada reaffirms her yogic path each day in simple ways through seva (selfless service), ritual, chanting, meditation, and asana. She continually depends on her practice to nourish and balance her body, mind, and spirit.

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Shivaji Jason Erickson

MS Biology, RYT-500

Specializes in the Yoga Movement Screen, and meditation. Jason (Shivaji) started his journey into yoga in 2000 when he moved into the beautiful ashram, Shoshoni. He had been looking for answers and a spiritual path for many years. In the ashram he found the answers he was seeking and much more as he learned to truly live like a yogi—each morning and evening chanting mantra and meditating, performing seva, and learning how to incorporate a spiritual practice throughout the day. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Biological Science where his research and training emphasize anatomy, physiology, and neurobiology. In the yoga teacher trainings, where he teaches the anatomy, philosophy, and meditation components, he fuses together both an academic and experiential understanding of the mind and body.

  • Asana
    Personalize your practice.This can include alignment, flexibility, strength, therapeutics, restoration, meeting goals, prenatal, and postpartum.


  • Meditation
    Practice a variety of techniques rooted in the ancient yogic tradition. Meditation promotes inner peace, clarity, connection, and healing in mind, body, and spirit.


  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle
    Develop understanding of your doshic constitution and lifestyle recommendations to promote balance.


  • Yoga Movement Screen
    Assess and address areas of restriction and instability in your body.


  • Nutrition 
    Enjoy guidance and support in gentle cleansing and restoration of digestive organs and practical implementation of nutritional recommendations with personalized eating guide.

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Email or call us at (970) 488-9192


1 session   $70

3 sessions $180

5 sessions $275

Cancellation Policy

No refunds are given if an appointment is cancelled within 24 hours. Prior to 24 hours notice, we can re-schedule.