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Optimize your Self with private instruction! 
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Private Sessions are completely individualized for you! 

  • Asana
    Personalize your practice.This can include alignment, flexibility, strength, therapeutics, restoration, meeting goals, prenatal, and postpartum.


  • Meditation
    Practice a variety of techniques rooted in the ancient yogic tradition. Meditation promotes inner peace, clarity, connection, and healing in mind, body, and spirit.


  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle
    Develop understanding of your doshic constitution and lifestyle recommendations to promote balance.


  • Yoga Movement Screen
    Assess and address areas of restriction and instability in your body.


  • Nutrition 
    Enjoy guidance and support in gentle cleansing and restoration of digestive organs and practical implementation of personalized nutrition recommendations.

  • Yoga Teacher Mentoring (receive 25% off)
    Enhance your authentic teaching through cueing, alignment, sequencing, themes, timing, building classes, more expansive range of asana and pranayama, and all things related to teaching! 


To Schedule



call us at (970) 488-9192

Pricing for private

1 session   $80

3 sessions $225

5 sessions $325

Pricing for semi- private classes (3-4)

1 session   $110

3 sessions $300

5 sessions $450

Pricing for private class (5 +)

1 session $150

Cancellation Policy

No refunds are given if an appointment is cancelled within 24 hours. Prior to 24 hours notice, we can re-schedule. 

Interested in Private Yoga?

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