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Welcome to Unit 1! ​​

Goals in this unit include:

  • Schedule and attend a 30 min. zoom meeting with your mentor. To schedule email us at: can be before you begin or within this first unit at any point. This one on one time is an opportunity to get to know each other and review your course plan. 

  • Reflect on your experience and personal goals

  • Build a foundation in anatomy terminology

  • Practice finding a meditative seat

  • Discuss the art of cueing

  • Practice a asana class with us

  • Topic: What is Yoga? Teaching from Inner Depth

  • Practice Sanskrit with audios with this link 



What has your experience with yoga and meditation been like so far? Have you taught yoga and how did you feel about it? 

What brings you to this course? Identify and affirm 1-3 major goals you have for yourself during this course. Ex: I would like more confidence teaching. I would like to deepen my understanding of alignment. I would like to cue more naturally. I would like more creative sequences. I would like to teach with a theme. 

As you can see there are many possibilities and this is personal to you! Peer inside your heart and ask from there. Why am I here and what do I wish to gain? 

Anatomy (22 min)

Asana Class (60 min)

Meditation: Finding a Seat  (29 min) 

Topic: The Art of Cueing 28 min

Topic: What is Yoga, Teaching from Inner Depth (21 min) 

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