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Welcome to Unit 7! ​​

Goals in this unit include:

  • Review Anatomy of Inversions ​

  • Practice and learn along with the Inversion Asana video

  • Practice and learn Sitali and Robin's pranayamas

  • Meditation: Tension Release 

  • Topic: Creating a Safe and Sacred Space

  • Topic: Teaching Possibilities

  • Practice Sanskrit with audios with this link 

Homework in addition to the videos:

  • Anatomy worksheet: Inversion Poses

  • Design and practice teach a 30-35 min 


How do you feel about going upside down in poses? Inversions ask us to use our hands or forearms as if they are feet. They flip our normal orientation which can be anywhere on the emotional spectrum from exciting to scary! Have you been taught how to go into a headstand and use props? Note the precautions for inversions. Do you have any physical concerns about yourself going into any of the inversions in this course? (Headstand, shoulderstand, plow, downdog, legs up the wall)

It is best to take these at one's own pace. If you or a student have an overwhelming feeling of fear, try a different pose and know that is ok. It is not necessary to teach/demonstrate every pose. 

Anatomy (5 min)

Asana: Inversions (38 min)

Tension Release Meditation

Topic: Creating Safe and Sacred Space (14 min)

Topic: Teaching Possibilities (21 min)

Pranayama: Sitali (3 min) 

Pranayama: Robins (2 min) 

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