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Become a Yoga Teacher and deepen your own experience!
Our talented instructors, amazing community, and inspiring course materials will support your growth during the training and beyond.


Authentic - Transformative - Inclusive

Save $500 now!


September 6 - December 7 Schedule

  • Each Friday 5:45-8:30pm

  • Each Saturday 9:00-6:30 

  • Sundays 9/22 and 10/13

Learn about our training leaders, click here :)

Sarada Erickson ERYT-500 RPYT MS RD
Shivaji Erickson RYT-500 MS
Sarah Broussard CYT-500
Corrina Caldwell CYT-500

Chantel Akers CYT-500




  • Our Teacher Training Manual is the culmination of 30 years of trainings and hundreds of years of combined experience. It captures the heart and mind of yoga and will be a continual resource for inspiration and knowledge for years to come.

  •  Key Muscles of Yoga by Dr. Ray Long is included in the training price

  • Four free classes at Om plus Discounted yoga classes during training!

Topics Include: (but are not limited to)

  • Asana (yoga poses): We teach in both the Hatha and Vinyasa style. We offer you variations to create, slower or faster paced, gentle or more challenging, classes. This gives you a wonderful ability to meet your personal style, students needs, and the type of class that is available for you to teach.

  • Adjustments & Modifications: You will learn many ways to assist your students personally including hands on adjustements, how to use props, resposive cueing, mirroring and more! 

  • Yogic Philosophy & Meditation: Shambhava Yoga has a strong meditative focus. You will learn many time tested practices to serve your growth personally and as a teacher. We discuss many philosophy topics including the yamas, niyamas, Yoga Sutras, the mind, the heart, the breath, and the interconnectedness of traditions. 

  • Anatomy & Physiology: We have state of the art anatomy technology to make learning anatomy more accessible. Pictures, videos and hands on demonstrations all complement the asana portion to gain deeper understanding of asana and human anatomy and physiology. 

  • Pranayama (breathing techniques): Breath plays a vital role in regulating our physiology, mental state, emotions, and the ability to be present and focused. You will learn 10 different pranaymana techniques to deepen your understanding of breath's role in yoga and wellness. 

  • Teaching Methodology: Learn how to cue effectively, create sequences and classes, integrate themes, incorporate neutralizing poses, strategize classes, be inclusive and welcoming, build clientele and more! We include a variety of teaching exercises to put our discussions into action and build your conifidence and ability to teach. 

  • Sanskrit: Learn the history of the Sanskrit language, basic pronounciation principles, pose names and the translation of common words in yoga. 

  • Prenatal, Kid's, Partner and Restorative Yoga: We discuss and practice each of these specialty styles of yoga. You will have a foundation to understand and meet the needs of these students. You will be able to incorporate partner and restorative yoga into your classes. You may discover a passion you can pursue more through additional training.

  • How to Do What You Love: Learn ways to navigate your life's dreams. Sarada shares what she has learned over the last 15 years in yoga, business, and living the life you want. This includes ideas on where to gain employment, qualities places often look for, and presentation. 

  • Special Topics: We address your questions and individual needs as they arise. We continually improve our amazing program and strive to give you the best training possible!



  • Save $500! Register by 8/6 and pay in full, $2350

  • Save $300 register by 8/13, $2550

  • After 8/13 $2850

  • Payment plans are available with no additional cost

  • We also have one partial work trade available! 

Training Cancellation Policy

  • If no materials have been received, cancellation fee will be calculated as the greater sum of $300 or 15% of the total course cost.

  • If materials have been received, then the deposit of $500 will be deducted prior to the refund calculation.

  • Withdrawal after first day onsite will be pro-rated at $15 per hour of tuition for classes attended.

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