115 N. College Ave. Suite 200

Fort Collins, CO 80524

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Our studio is not affiliated with Ananda Church of Self Realization
We do not offer instruction in the Ananda Yoga® style of teaching which developed from the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda

Privacy policy: We do not sell, trade, or otherwise distribute your personal information in any way. 

Om Ananda Yoga © 2017

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Affordable Yoga Class Fort Collins Om Ananda Yoga
Gift a friend or loved one and customize your amount. This is easy to over the phone as well (970) 488-9192.  
200 AND 300 HOUR
We believe that yoga teacher training should be
a life-changing experience

Shambhava Yoga emphasizes that becoming a great teacher means becoming a great student. You do not just learn how to teach yoga here, you learn how to deepen your practice and grow.

Yoga Teacher Training Certificatin Fort Collins Om Ananda Yoga

Our mission is to spread the joy and understanding of yoga, meditation, and its innumerable benefits.

We are a non-profit organization! Your tax deductible donation will help sustain reduced rates and free classes. We believe that yoga should and can be available to all who choose it!

Visit our Shambhava Yoga page for more info.

The founders of Om Ananda Yoga, Sarada and Shivaji Erickson, have devoted their lives to spiritual growth and serving the Fort Collins community. 

Shambhava Yoga encompasses meditation, yoga postures, selfless service as well as conscious living through these diverse practices.

Sarada and Shivaji Erickson founder owner Om Ananda Yoga