Om Ananda Yoga is a non-profit organization which is committed to serving the yoga community of Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, and the surrounding areas. Please explore our heartfelt offerings of yoga teacher trainings, yoga, and meditation classes!

Shambhava Yoga Affiliate Center
Shambhava Yoga affiliate centers are the extended family of Shambhava Yoga. The gifted and dedicated individuals who run each of the centers teach Shambhava Yoga practices and use these practices in their own lives to grow and improve. Each center has been given the blessing of Sri Shambhavananda to share these teachings under his guidance. Hatha yoga, meditation, chanting, workshops and more are happening right now at a center near you.

Disclaimer: Our studio is not affiliated with Ananda Church of Self Realization. We do not offer instruction in the Ananda Yoga® style of teaching which developed from the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.